Who We Are?

Kiddy’s Nook, a subsidiary of Smart Mart Tutorial Academy, is an early childhood development centre that caters to children of preschool and preprimary age.  We have a great passion for young children’s learning. Our goal to offer children experiences that will have them bursting with excitement about what they have learned through their discoveries and adventures.

Company Ownership

Kiddy’s Nook is privately owned and operated by Mrs.  Jerelyn Callwood who has over thirty years of experience in the field of early childhood care and education.  She has served within the Ministry of Education and Culture as both an early childhood teacher and Education Officer for Early Childhood.  She holds a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Reading and Literacy.

Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy


To provide high-quality early childhood care and education, creating life-long learners of children ages three to six years old through curriculum guides tailored specifically for each age group (preschoolers and pre-primary students).

To accomplish our mission, we focus our curriculum on the whole child – cognitive, physical, social and emotional, always remembering that they are growing within a family.

Our teachers recognize the importance of safe, supportive relationships and interactions with children and their families.  We use developmentally appropriate practices that promote child-guided, active explorations of meaningful questions and all those important “wonderings” about their world.  Since children’s world views begin in their homes, family voices and culture are incorporated into our classrooms and programmes.


To be recognized as a leader in the British Virgin Islands’ early childhood programmes that prepare children for success in the primary grades and beyond.  Kiddy’s Nook students will be independent thinkers with a love of learning.

Values & Beliefs:

Our centre is rooted in values and beliefs that support a positive learning environment:

  • We value young children’s healthy development and learning.
  • We believe that a high-quality early child care environment is a safe, respectful, responsive and positive place to learn and grow.
  • We believe that children should be nurtured in a way that respects their families’ own cultural and familial beliefs.
  • We value the participation of parents in their child’s early learning experience.

Kiddy’s Nook is a safe, respectful, responsive and positive place to be.  It is a place that supports children in actively engaging with their world to establish healthy relationships with others, in solving interesting problems and in figuring out who they are and how they fit in their family and community.  It is a place where families will learn and have their voices valued.


All children can learn in their own time and way.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Nickacy Smith


Ms. Shawn Smith


Ms. Shanea Richards


Ms. DeAndrah Varlack


Ms. Mayann Lewis


Mrs. Alian Lewis-Pickering